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Complex escort

On January 1, 2010, the provision of Article 32 of PIP (Rules on conditions and the method of carrying out exceptional transport operations on public roads and on the transit routes for exceptional transport operations in the Republic of Slovenia) on the implementation of provisions of Article 17 to Article 20 came into force. The provisions introduced complex escorts that are to be conducted with pilot vehicles, equipped with a signalling board of at least 1000 mm x 700 mm in size, and alternating traffic signs:

  • »danger on road« (I-25) sign with (IV-5) »SPECIAL TRANSPORT« supplementary sign;
  • »overtaking of all motor vehicles except solo motorcycles prohibited« (II-28) sign;
  • »overtaking by goods vehicles prohibited« (II-29) sign;
  • yellow flashing arrow, directed left or right, indicating that the lane is closed and that vehicles should change lanes in the direction, indicated by the arrow.

Traffic signalization must be visible in front and in the rear of the transport. The signalling board must not display any advertisements. The application of various signs is to be controlled from the inside of the vehicle.